A 44-year-old mother of four who allegedly made millions running a high-end brothel out of an Upper East Side apartment has been arrested and indicted. DNAinfo reports that Anna Gristina, who is a British National and owns property in Canada, was arrested in the middle of a meeting with a Morgan Stanley banker after a five-year investigation, because the public corruption unit believed she was a flight risk. Gristina allegedly bragged during the Eliot Spitzer investigation that she had sources in law enforcement who would alert her and protect her from government scrutiny.

Prosecutors say they have "nearly a hundred hours of audio and video surveillance" that show Gristina providing prostitutes to wealthy clients from a building that she owns on 78th Street. She also had a "lawyer friend," who, as Assistant DA Charles Linehan described in Gristina's arraignment as someone who "basically locked money away for her should this ever happen so she will have money when she comes out of it."

Linehan also said that Gristina "has business contacts worldwide" and "counts many high wealths [sic] among her friends and clients." She's currently being held at Rikers pending bail, which was set at at least $1 million.

We can't wait to see the client list.