The Scarsdale mother who was arrested after abandoning her two daughters, ages 10 and 12, on a sidewalk three miles from their home last month will not be charged with child endangerment, a White Plains judge decided today. Speaking to the press for the first time outside the court house, Madlyn Primoff said, "Clearly I made a mistake, but I truly love our children and I know that I am a good parent." Primoff was pilloried by mothers as far away as Australia after the infamous incident, but today her lawyer explained that she did not intend to leave her children to walk home. Fed up with their bickering, she had merely ejected them from the car as a bluff while she drove around the block. But when she returned, they were gone! She soon found the 12-year-old, but the distraught younger girl had been taken in by a Good Samaritan, who alerted police. Prosecutor Audrey Stone said Primoff was "engaged in family therapy" and posed no threat to her children, so Judge Eric Press agreed to dismiss the case and seal it in six months if Primoff behaves.