Photograph of an excited Chris Russo by Richard Drew/AP

Howard Stern and Oprah were two of the first big names to get their own channels on satellite radio. Now add Chris “Mad Dog” Russo to the list. At today’s press conference where Sirius XM was expected to announce him as their newest on-air host, it was revealed that Mad Dog is getting an even bigger bite of satellite pie: he’ll have his own twenty-four hour channel, “Mad Dog Radio.”

Russo’s channel will be the first launched on both Sirius and XM Radio. The two completed their merger less than a month ago. He will be directly involved in hiring the “Mad Dog Radio” staff and was signed on for what had been speculated--5 years for $15 million. He said that a big factor of his decision was the presence of Sirius XM head Mel Karmazin, who he had worked for previously at WFAN. At the press conference, Karmazin said, “If I was a competitor of WFAN, I would be really happy today.” September 15th will mark the premiere for “The Mad Dog Sports Show,” which will air afternoons from 2 to 7, an hour later than “Mike and the Mad Dog" had.