Buffalo millionaire real estate developer Carl Paladino announced his candidacy for the 2010 NY Governor's race by rallying the crowd with the immortal words of Paddy Chayefsky, "I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!" He said, "The government is in shambles, and we’re paying for it in unbearable taxes far, far above the national average. Are you mad? Are you gonna take it anymore?" and also took a shot at the presumed Democratic frontrunner, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo: "Some of the people I oppose think they are entitled: 'My daddy was governor.'... We're going to unhinge the Albany ruling class."

According to the Buffalo News, about 600 people "hooted and hollered encouragement at almost every line of an approximately 30-minute speech. They echoed his calls to lower taxes, freeze spending and hiring, reduce Medicaid expense and state debt, and make New York a magnet for jobs once again... The new candidate, who is 63 and an attorney and developer, promised to serve only one term after declaring a fiscal state of emergency immediately upon taking the oath of office."

There are skeptics: The Times Union points out, "He faces a long road... He is seeking to petition his way into a Republican primary as well as create a statewide Tea Party; each feat will require him to gather 15,000 signatures from voters around the state." And the Daily News' Bill Hammond writes, "Businessman Carl Paladino wants New Yorkers to take him seriously as a candidate for governor, he should stop acting like such a clown." A clown who claims he'll spend $10 million of his own fortune, that is!

The Republican primary may be getting crowded: Besides Paladino wanting a spot, there's former Senate candidate Rick Lazio and Suffolk County Executive Democrat-turned-Republican Steve Levy. But let's face it, Paladino is practically prequalified to be governor—he has a love child! Paladino said of the indiscretion with a former employee that led to his 10-year-l daughter, "Like all of God's creatures, I've been imperfect in my personal life. But like many, the tragedies and failings of my life have made me stronger."