Hmm, where have we seen white bikes like this one before? Oh yeah, they're locked up in cities across America to mark locations where cyclists were fatally run over. Nothing like the memory of blood-stained asphalt to make you want to run out and buy a pretty white dress. In a boneheaded move reminiscent of DKNY's failed fashion week bike-vertising, Macy's is now utilizing what appear to be replicas of the sadly familiar Ghost Bikes in their flagship store, as part of an adorable little display called "My Funny Valentine."

But one mortified reader tells us the display should be renamed "My Bloody Valentine," and says there are at least four of them spaced throughout the main floor: "Totally creepy... how tone deaf can you get?" But let's not rush to judgment; perhaps the Macy's Herald Square location is a heretofore unknown death trap for cyclists, and this is their way of paying respect? A spokesperson for Ghost Bikes says:

Clearly, the message of the Ghost Bike Project resonates with residents in NYC, both cyclist and non-cyclist, as evidenced by the public reaction to the DKNY Orange Bike campaign and now this kinda creepy Macy's Valentines display. This display will be down within a week, but the real question for us is, will we still have to make ghost bikes in five years? The answer lies in the efforts of city officials and the actions of the people of NYC. And hopefully Macy's plans on donating that bike to the project.

Elina Kazan, director of marketing for Macy's, has the following explanation: "Bicycles are not a new element in visual presentations especially during the spring season. The spray painted bicycle your reader is referring to is one of many elements that make up our current visual display in store and in the windows that have been painted white. Our spring campaign showcases scenes of the season via color blocking, in this instance white. Unfortunately, your reader is drawing an unintended association from a visual display in our store."