2005_10_esca.jpgThis why Gothamist was afraid of escalators from ages three to seven, and why we may be regressing soon: A 3 (or 4, depending on what your read) year old child's finger was SLICED OFF as she rode on a Macy's escalator. Augh!!! Macy's employees and the police "spent the afternoon pulling apart every step" to try to find the finger, but couldn't. The girl had been running up to the top of the escalator when she tripped, with her finger getting "caught under a metal plate." Macy's says there was no escalator malfunction, but a surgeon standing behind the girl's father says the store took too long to turn the escalator off, so he hit the emergency button himself. This is so terrible, but this is why there are those photographs that say that adults should hold children's hands on the escalator. None of the articles says whether or not the accident took place on the rickety wooden escalators - those are scary, especially starting in November.

Photograph of a wooden escalator at Macy's from beezlebubmilk on Flickr