With the precognitive skills of Miss Cleo, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a three-quarter page Macy's ad in this morning's newspaper for a Phillies 2009 World Series Championship t-shirt. The Daily News reports, "in the ad world equivalent of the 'Dewey Defeats Truman' headline, the bungled banner in The Philadelphia Inquirer said 'Congratulations Phillies! Back-to-back Champs.'" Maybe Macy's just hired local amateur psychic Jimmy Rollins to write its copy!

The AP reports, "The Inquirer released a message to readers saying the paper deeply regrets the error." The losing team's shirts will most likely end up being destroyed, as is MLB's policy.

Speaking of trash, the Times reports on the curious connection between NY's trash and Philly. Over 2,500 tons of NY trash is delivered daily to residential neighborhoods in Philadelphia's northern suburbs. This special relationship works both ways though, as the waste company in turn pays millions of dollars in fees to its host municipalities: "People in Falls Township have their trash picked up for free...The company donated four-wheel-drive vehicles to the Morrisville Police Department. Nearly 740 people in Tullytown recently received checks in the mail, an annual gift to property owners by Tullytown borough officials from the proceeds of the Waste Management fees."

And tonight, it's Game 5 in Philadelphia, with Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett facing off against Phillies ace and NYC subway rider Cliff Lee. The Post warns that besides the formidable Lee's pitching, the Yankees may have a tougher time: "Posada will replaced by Molina, DH Hideki Matsui is replaced by Burnett and Brett Gardner is expected to fill in for Melky Cabrera, who strained his hamstring last night."