Earlier this morning, residents in Williamsburg and Bushwick noticed a helicopter buzzing in the air as well as what one tipster described as "at least 6 cars full of agents/officers" and "machine guns." He added, "There were guns drawn and a lot of people in DHS gear all over."

The apparent raid occurred on Devoe Street, between Judge and Bushwick. One resident who lives on the street told us that inside a white Homeland Security van there were "12 or so guys in helmets and M-16s," and added at a cop told him it involved "kilos of heroin." According to this resident, who said both Homeland Security and the NYPD were involved, "One guy jumped off the roof to escape. Didn't do so well, but survived."

The helicopter, which was was apparently very low, was circling from around 1 a.m. until 1:30 a.m.; one person who lives a few blocks away said that it was "flying around shining a spotlight down on the neighborhood. It was incredibly loud. Sounded like it was hovering right over my apartment the entire time, I'm at Grand and Humboldt." He said it seemed to be "flying in circles in a 1 mile-vicinity." Another person on Bushwick Avenue said the helicopter was directly outside his window.

When we asked the NYPD about the raid, the spokesperson at DCPI said he had no information. We've left messages with Homeland Security and DEA, asking for comment.