The man who was taken into custody Tuesday after attacking a man with a machete and then throwing Molotov cocktails at the authorities from a Queens rooftop told police he was "having a bad day." Detective Robert Zajac explained that in trying to coax Felipe Velasquez down, "We were trying to tell him today is a different day, and we'll work it out with you.''

Velasquez, outside the home he shares with his uncle, first slashed Bernard Hoffman with a machete. Hoffman was able to defend himself with his umbrella, take the machete, and run to safety. Velasquez then retreated to his rooftop, throwing the homemade firebombs. A witness told the Queens Courier, "He knew what he was doing because he threw it [the Molotov cocktail], then he just took out a cigarette and smoked it like nothing was going on.

Velasquez's uncle told the Daily News, "He's crazy. He just went wild, you know, because he didn't take his medications." He added that Velasquez had been recently diagnosed with a mental illness and spent a month at Elmhurst hospital. Velasquez was charged with attempted murder, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and more. He was also taken to a hospital for psychiatric review.