200711MACCA.jpgTwo divorcees, one more high-profile than the other, are macking it up in Amagansett. Paul McCartney, who's still divorcing wife #2 - Heather Mills - and Nancy Shevell a 47-year-old MTA board member who is legally separated from Bruce Blakeman (a commissioner for the Port Authority), have been spotted all over the Hamptons lately.

Even The Times is talking up the two-some, and according to amNewYork the former-Beatle has been seen doing the following with Shevell: Arms around shoulders, tender kisses and lingerie shopping! And the fun doesn't stop there, last month he was seen visiting Shevell's hotel in London, making this an international affair. Of course the British tabloids are having a field day -- but the Sun seems smitten with Shevell, who revealed she, like McCartney's first wife Linda, had breast cancer. Sources told the paper, “They’ve been able to open up to each other about how cancer affected their lives. Nancy’s very intelligent and beautiful, but it's her inner strength that has really captured Paul.”

Will Macca be spotted in Manhattan more often now? Shevell has an apartment on the Upper East Side (in addition to her Hamptons mansion, which is just 6 miles from McCartney's - she's wealthy from the family trucking business). We just wonder if the ex-Beatle knows she's a major contributor to President George W. Bush...guess he was never the political one anyway.