102208pb.jpgSpeaking to Newsday from behind bars at a "private federal prison" in Queens, 20-year-old Steven Nobles says he "made a huge mistake" when, in a rush to catch his flight at MacArthur airport on Long Island last Thursday, he shoved a pipe bomb in his carry-on luggage. He must also be smacking his forehead for packing those fireworks, the 7-inch knife, the electrical circuit boards, and a dozen .22-caliber rounds used in a nailgun to drive nails into concrete. Nobles says we wants to write a letter to "all of New York" saying he's "sorry for what happened." Nevertheless, a judge denied bail and called Nobles "a danger to the community."He faces up to 20 years in prison, but his uncle Frank Henderson, who gave Nobles a job, says, "A terrorist would try to hide it. He didn't hide anything. He put it on the scanner. He hasn't grown up yet. I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow by giving him a trade. A kid is going to be a kid."