A recent Cornell University study [PDF] filed through Flickr pictures and determined photogs' favorite places and things. It found that New York City is the most frequently photographed location on Earth, with London and San Francisco following. The Empire State Building is the 7th most-photographed landmark. Twenty-eighth on the list? The glass-encased Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.

The Mac store also made it onto the list of most-photographed places in the city, the Observer noted, coming in fifth after Times Square and Grand Central, but beating out perennial favorites like Liberty Island. According to a press release, Cornell was able to automatically identify places that people like to photograph using a new technique. "We developed classification methods for characterizing these locations from visual, textual and temporal features," says Daniel Huttenlocher, Professor of Computing, Information Science and Business. "These methods reveal that both visual and temporal features improve the ability to estimate the location of a photo compared to using just textual tags."

The press release suggests the technique raises "the intriguing possibility of an online travel guidebook that could automatically identify the best sites to visit on your next vacation." Or if you live in the city, a handy guide of sites to avoid at all costs.