122608bus.jpgTimes reporter C.J. Hughes rode the M60 bus to La Guardia a few days ago and describes a frustrating scene: The only direct public transportation link between Manhattan and the airport is horribly overcrowded and slooow. It took Hughes two hours to get from 106th and Broadway to La Guardia—twice as long as scheduled. During the trip he watched as "two dozen people" with luggage tried to squeeze on, but "a wave of exiting riders, shouting loudly, pushed them right back off." Ridership on the M60 has grown by 263% in the last 10 years, but a spokesman for the MTA explains away the overcrowding as simply a "one-day aberration" caused by delays related to "unusual roadwork" on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. And besides, riders like Ben Mitchell—who rode buses in Africa in the Peace Corps—points out that "you could easily fit 50 more people in here without a problem. This is nothing."