lyricbensonmem.jpgNewsday covers the memorial service for Lyric Benson: About 600 mourners went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle to pay their respects. A statement from her parents thanked "the outpouring of support and generosity we have received from friends, New Yorkers and the general public after the tragic death of our daughter Lyric” and there was a "multi-media presentation of slides and videotapes was shown, tracing her life from birth to acting."

Wil Cruz, the author of the Newsday article, also mentions that family and friends believed that Benson was destined for stardom. The fact is that everyone was robbed of knowing what Lyric Benson could have made of her life, whether as a star or just a great person who loved what she did and worked hard at it. And that's the sad cruelty of the situation.

Gothamist on the initial news of Lyric Benson's death, news about a fund in her name, and the posters she's in.