With her death almost two months ago, Newsday has a feature about what Lyric Benson's mother has done to honor the memory of her daughter. Deborah Janicke had to watch her daughter essentially die in front of her, shot in the head by ex-boyfriend Robert Ambrosino, who then killed himself. Janicke made the decision to donate Benson's organs to people in need, telling Newsday, "Organ donation did help us. It kept this from being such a waste." Janicke also gives her thoughts about her daughter's re-affirmation of Christianity and her relationship with Ambrosino.

The article includes information about the New York Organ Donor Network and the an informational website about Lyric Benson and organ donation, which includes a note from the family:

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support and generosity we have received from friends, New Yorkers and the general public after the tragic death of our daughter Lyric. To honor Lyric’s life and spirit, we made the decision to donate her organs and tissues so that others could live.

“It comforts us to know that Lyric’s organs have already given five people the gift of life: Her kidneys went to two people; her heart now beats in someone else’s chest; both her lungs are helping a young adult breathe; and her liver saved the life of a young teenager. In addition, her pancreas was donated for Islet cell research that will help insulin-dependent diabetics make their own insulin; her skin will help burn victims; her bones may save limbs, provide mobility and prevent pain.

“We hope that Lyric’s gift will inspire others to consider organ donation and contact the New York Organ Donor Network for more information about the gift of life.”

Organ donation is critical, but even with popular medical programs dramatizing the need for donors, there is a lack of available organs. Check off those boxes on your driver's license - Gothamist has.

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