Lyric Benson's acquaintances pay their respects outside her apartment; Photo - AP

While some might say the reason that Lyric Benson's murder is striking a chord in New Yorkers' hearts is because she was young and beautiful, Gothamist argues that the scary thing is that she was on the verge of making it, after all her hard work. The concept of being so close to success but then being robbed of having the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the labor is what makes Benson's death a sad story. The Times discusses those moments of almost fame for Benson today. The Post said in a past weekend article that Benson was "living in fear" of boyfriend/murderer Robert Ambrosino.

The Post on the Benson's organ donation and a memorial service in Brooklyn for her, as well as a fund in her name.

Updated May 4, 2003: Lyric Benson and Bob Ambrosino's Relationship, as deconstructed by the NY Times

Gothamist on the initial news of Lyric Benson's death, news about a fund in her name, the posters she's in, and her memorial.