Cases of Lyme disease in New York City have risen close to 20%, from 538 to 643, in the last year alone according to the Health Department's latest count. The disease, contracted from a tick bite, has all sorts of nasty repercussions ranging from headaches and muscle aches to memory loss and arthritis (even reality show breakdowns), with new symptoms being attributed to the disease every year.

A relatively newly recognized disease, Lyme was first discovered in 1975 in woodsy Lyme, Connecticut, illustrating the type of environment where ticks thrive. Indeed, the DOH says that most NYC cases have been contracted outside of the five boroughs, in Connecticut as well as the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and New Jersey, basically pointing to anywhere with foliage. So next time you're in the suburban outback, check yourself carefully for these sometimes poppy seed-sized devils. Or just never leave your apartment.