2006_05_chemical.jpgThe co-owner of a fried chicken restaurant was killed in a gruesome fashion: Lye was doused over his face as he was getting ready to open the store. Rehmatullah Azezollah died shortly after the attack, and his partner in a Lincoln Fried Chicken, Abdul Krin, described, "His eye all burned, his eye white, his mouth dry, his skin black" - his face basically melted, along with his clothes. Krin also said that Azezollah did not see his attacker. Azezollah's son, Humayun, has been questioned though not charged with a crime; Humayun had been charged with attacking his father and stealing from the restaurant. There had been other family tensions, as Azezollah wanted to marry a woman from Pakistan without divorcing his wife, Jila (who lived in their Queens home while her husband lived with friends) and Azezollah thought his family was becoming too Americanized. Krin says there were arguments about child support and his friends said that Azezollah was worried about being in danger.

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