Yesterday afternoon, firefighters battled a blaze that broke out at a luxury condominium building near the West Side Highway. At least one person suffered minor injuries in the fire, which happened at The Avery overlooking the West SIde Highway. And neighbors say the fire was ignited by a hot tub.

The fire started around 12:20 p.m. on the 20th floor of 100 Riverside Boulevard near 65th Street on Saturday, and sent huge black waves of smoke into the sky. FDNY says they had the fire under control by a little after 1 p.m. Two apartments were affected by the blaze.

Sharon Goodman, who lives next door to the apartment building, told the Daily News that she was told an electrical fire sparked by a hot tub at a multi-million dollar luxury condo caused the incident. The thick smoke was the result of the burning plastic in and around the hot tub.

“There was a lot of black smoke and the wind blew it all around, which made it that much worse," Goodman added. "People on the highway pulled over to watch [the fire]."

FDNY said the cause was still under investigation, but added that "it very well could be true" that the hot tub led to the spark. Stranger things have happened, like Tracy Morgan's apartment catching fire when his fish tank short-circuited.