There's been excitement about the "waterfall shower" atop the roof of downtown luxury rental building, 200 Water Street—last month, Curbed quoted the press materials for the building that used to simply house NYU under- and post-grad students, "On the 33rd floor rooftop terrace - which is longer than a city block - tenants will enjoy chaises, card tables, cabanas with sunshades, a BBQ grill, WiFi access, vending machines and semi-private spaces. To cool off, residents can pull a chain off the roof's water tower to turn on a waterfall shower."

Now The Real Deal has visited the rooftop and found out the inspiration behind the shower: Designer Mark Sullivan said it was the water-tank logo from Petticoat Junction, the 1960s sitcom set in Hooterville whose opening features the Bradley daughters bathing in the tank (video). He says, "It's a nice feature to have if you don’t have a swimming pool. deluge of water washes over you, and instantly you're cooled down." Sullivan did add that his next planned water-feature—on the rooftop for 200 West 72nd Street— will be "a more gentle, sophisticated cool-down"—a mist wall. Oh, why stop there—why not a gushing oil well, a la Beverly Hillbillies?!

More photos of the decadent roof at The Real Deal.