Back in heady days of 2007, real estate developers followed a simple algorithm: add the city's finite housing supply with the massive demand for housing and you could make money by building a condo on just about any property. Though the recession certainly changed that equation, seemingly out-of-place condo developments continue to pop up across the city as a result of that practice — and few seem more out of place than a luxury building in Gravesend at the corner of West 11th Street and Avenue V, just one block away from a housing project.

The blog Sheepshead Bites has a message for the builder:

I don’t care how good the market was back then, that’s just dumb. Those projects ain’t goin’ anywhere. It’s the Marlboro projects — been there since ‘58 and has almost 4,000 people living there. They not movin’. You really thought people would want to shell out $429,000 and up for your parquet floors, elegant kitchens, and ambient gunshots in the background? Get real, man.Yeah, at least you put indoor parking. But holy fuck, man, really?