If you hear that the "Luv Gov" is chasing after Black-eyed Susans this weekend, it's probably not what you think. One of the thirteen horses entered into the Preakness Stakes this weekend in Baltimore, Luv Gov (pictured) has been given the same nickname slapped on former Governor Eliot Spitzer. The thoroughbred's owner is Marylou Whitney, an upstate Republican with another horse named "Ninth Client."

Whitney might be hoping for a new embarrassing Spitzer-themed nickname since the scandal known as "Troopergate" is back in the news. A new report has revealed that Herbert Teitelbaum, executive director of the Commission on Public Integrity, repeatedly leaked details of the group's investigation into Troopergate back to the Spitzer administration and that the commission did nothing when they learned of this.

Upon hearing the report, Governor Paterson requested that all 12 members of the panel resign. Paterson said, "For a commission of 13 members not even to discuss an allegation brought to them with a clear witness that this was going on, it’s a little alarming, and that’s why we’d like to start fresh with a new commission.”

But since the Public Intregrity Commission is not run by the governor, the dozen commissioners have simply refused to resign, saying that they believe the report to be premature and their names will be cleared once more details come out. Without any real authority over them, it seems to put the governor in a funny place—especially when Paterson asked Malcolm Smith, Andrew Cuomo and other leaders to join him in requesting the resignations and the other leaders chose not to.

Today Paterson said, "The reason I asked for the resignations was more of just a sense of wanting the public to know that we’re going to start over. The rest of us have to run for re-election."