Just in time for Halloween, the subway's 100th birthday, and Game 4 of the World Series, there is a lunar eclipse tonight - the last until 2007. In the city, the partial eclipse starts at 9:14PM, and the total eclipse will occur at 10:23 and should last until 11:45PM. If you're outside of NYC, use the government's lunar eclipse computer to figure out when you see it. Gothamist can't remember if people go crazy during the lunar eclipse (lunacy, you know) or if that's just a full moon, so we suggest just enjoying the orange and red hues created (and you think we joke about the eclipse celebrating the subway centennial, but the colors of the IRT are red and gold, which is what the Empire State Building will be lit with tonight). Learn more about what a lunar eclipse is and just try and stop yourself from hmming Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart.