Ooh - NY1 has the exclusive on this exciting bit of subway news: The MTA is planning on installing subway platform doors on the 7 line extension. The platform doors are not only a safety feature, they create savings with energy bills and keep stations cooler. Additionally, they would prevent people from being able to litter in the tracks (and that litter can cause track fires, which is a major cause of subway delays).

A NY Times story from April noted that previous NYC Transit president Lawrence Reuter discouraged the MTA from looking at platform doors because they were expensive and would only apply to few stations in the system. Seems like current president Howard Roberts Jr. thinks differently!

The 7 line extension will include a station at the Javits Center (11th Avenu and 34th Street), but there has been some controversy because the MTA may not build a station at 10th Avenue and 41st, which would otherwise be a no-brainer, due to money issues. The MTA has tangled with the city about funding the $2.1 billion project.

Photograph of a Hong Kong subway platform which has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors by Tien Mao