Police have identified the man who brutally stabbed Lucali's Pizza owner Mark Icaono yesterday as Benny Geritano, an ex-con who was charged with murder in the 1990s and is currently on probation. And sources also say he may have been off his medication. "Mark was trying to get the guy to calm down," the source told the Daily News. "They made their way up the block and the guy started stabbing Mark." Geritano is also a reported associate of the Gambino family.

Geritano is mentioned in the book "Surviving the Mob" as a Gambino associate in the "17th Avenue faction." Geritano's stepfather was Anthony "Shorty" Mascuzzio, a member on John Gotti's inner circle, and his uncle, Preston Geritano, was a Genovese crime family associate. This wouldn't be the first time Lucali's has been connected to the mob—in 2009 a judge ruled that convicted mafia racketeer Dominick Dionisio could continue working for the pizza shop while on house arrest.

Sources say Geritano worked at nearby Bagels By The Park, and that he and Iacono began to argue in the middle of the street outside Joe’s Perette Delicatessen on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens before Geritano allegedly stabbed Iacono, described as a "pal," at 2:30 p.m. They had already reportedly exchanged words at a Dunkin' Donuts earlier that day, and one mutual friend posited that Geritano was overcome by "jealousy" regarding Iacono's marriage and business success.

Iacono, who was stabbed in the throat, back and legs,is currently in stable condition at Lutheran Medical Center; while he has lost a lot of blood, he is expected to survive. Geritano is also in stable condition, and when asked what his motive was, he responded, "Why'd I do what? I have nothing to say. Have a nice day." He has been charged with first-degree assault.