Mark Iacono, the chef and owner of Lucali, has finally decided to talk to the press about the nearly fatal knife fight he was in last year that made front page news—but no convictions. He still won't say what the fight was about, but he will say that, despite tabloid reports, it "was not over a girl."

Regarding his fight, or "altercation," in his words, with Benny Geritano, the pizzaiolo tells Alyssa Shelasky at Grub Street:

"I'm back to work three nights a week. My leg got it the worst — the femoral artery. I have no feeling in, say, about 50 percent of my body, maybe forever. But that's okay, it's nothin' really."

Iacono is nothing if not a tough guy: "People are like, 'You don't need psychological help or anything do you?' and I'm like, 'It was no big deal.' Like, I got into a fight. It was just a fight." He adds, "Yes, it was a near-death experience but it didn't affect me. The only thing I get upset about is how it affected the people around me."

Still, he doesn't really mind that the story has brought him and his Jay-Z and Beyonce-beloved Brooklyn pizzeria more attention. He doesn't even mind that people try and pretend they didn't realize he was the guy in the fight: "Nothing bothers me. Nothing. I let everything roll off my back. Believe me."

So, now we know that the fight wasn't over a girl but that, if the participants have their way, we will likely never find out what exactly it was about. Still, Iacono really doesn't want you to think it was a mafia thing, y'know? If there is one thing he says he doesn't want people to think it is "That I'm in the mob! I know everybody loves a good mafia story but ... that stuff doesn't even really exist anymore; it's in the past." Capice?