Benny Geritano, who in April got into a knife fight on Smith Street with Lucali's owner Mark Iacono, is finally getting out of the slammer—for health reasons. However the judge who agreed to his house-arrest release warned the former member of the bank-robbing "Night Drop Crew" that if he so much as goes "down the street for a pizza or something" it'll be right back to the pokey for Benny.

Geritano has remained in lockup since the April incident, allegedly over a woman, because he was on supervised release (because of those bank robberies) at the time of the fight.

The Feds are mulling appealing Geritano's release—he won't be out for a few days because of paperwork—but if they do a doctor says the alleged slicer may be left with a "dead hand." Reportedly Geritano seriously injured some tendons in his left hand durring the scuffle and desperately needs physical therapy unavailable in federal lockup. Also, an adhesive he needs for a "special glove device that stretches the tendons on his injured left hand" is apparently not allowed in prison.

"They’re telling me Crazy Glue is a security issue," Geritano told the judge at yesterday's hearing.

If Geritano gets out he will be under constant supervision, will wear an electronic monitoring anklet and will only be allowed out for doctor's appointments. It remains to be seen if any charges will placed against either Geritano or Iacono.