Some 30 years after Landmarks Preservation Commission officials first explored landmarking Crown Heights, the Commission has granted landmark status to the architecturally-rich neighborhood.

The Commission voted unanimously today to protect 472 buildings in Crown Heights North. The new district will run from Pacific Street to Dean St., Prospect Place and St. Mark’s Ave and from Bedford to Kingston avenues. The buildings in the district were built from the 1860s to the 1930s and the styles include Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne, Georgian and Renaissance Revival. It's the first phase of landmark designation that ultimately will lead to 1,400 protected buildings. And Crown Heights North is the 86th historic district in the city.

Here's Commission Chairman Robert Tierney’s statement:

“This marvelous ensemble of mansions, churches, row houses and freestanding residences in Crown Heights North forms a streetscape that is unlike any other in New York City. The creation of a historic district here underscores the Commission’s commitment to preserving our City’s special heritage in all five boroughs, and we look forward to working with the residents of Crown Heights North to help them ensure that their splendid neighborhood remains intact.”

The Commission singled out several of the buildings in the new district: the Dean Sage Residence at 839 St. Mark’s Ave, the Union League Club Building (above) at 19-29 Rogers Ave. and the Bedfordshire Apartments at 1200 Pacific St., among others.

It looks like Sunnyside, Queens, could be next, given that the Commission is now hearing testimony on a proposed district in that neighborhood.

And there's an effort underfoot to create a district in Prospect Heights, in case you haven't heard.

Photo by Jill Priluck