200711natavial.jpgNatavia Lowery, the personal assistant of Linda Stein -- who she is accused of murdering, was indicted on the murder charges yesterday. Last week Lowery confessed to bludgeoning her old boss with a yoga stick, claiming Stein blew pot smoke in her face. Despite the confession, Lowery's friends and family are insisting she is innocent, and shouted out some choice pull quotes at yesterday's hearing:

"Liars!" several people among more than a dozen supporters of 26-year-old Natavia Lowery shouted as they left.

"She's a sweet, innocent child," the mother cried. "The only thing she could be guilty of is having compassion."

"Do a good job next time, a--hole!" one yelled as the angry group filed past the two arresting NYPD detectives in the back of the room.

Prior to the two groups being separated in the courtroom, Lowery came out "dressed in a tan pantsuit, smiled at her parents and about a dozen other relatives attending the Manhattan Criminal Court hearing." They claim that Lowery was under interrogation for 18 hours before confessing, and coerced into admitting to the crime. Currently Lowery is back in jail and being held without bail, she'll return to court November 27th, and her attorney is going to try to get the confession thrown out. In the meantime, the family claims, "Ms Stein loved her. We still have pictures in our house of Ms Stein. We loved Ms Stein."