Even though crime was essentially below normal during the blackout, last week's lootings on the Lower East Side, at cool stores like Alife Rivington Club, sound terrible to Gothamist when we read the Times article this morning: "one of the women got 17 staples in a wound at the back of her head" and "his employee paced back and forth with a spider web of blood on his neck and face." Lockhart Steele has first-hand coverage of the looting, and today, the Daily News reports that Alife owners are going to sue the city for ignoring their cries for help during the looting (that left owners and employees injured as they tried to ward off the looters). Reader Matt suggests that while "the looting during the '77 black out was an expression of poverty, desperation, and anger by New York's put-upon underclass: this is clearly a calculated crime of hipster envy-- I want cool shit, so I'll steal it." That makes Gothamist sigh and hate people more - hipster envy? Really, we hope it hasn't come to that.