Kind of an odd weather situation the next few days. See that storm centered well east of Cape Cod on the satellite image? Normally we wouldn't concern ourselves with such a system because it would be moving toward Greenland or Iceland, but this storm has decided to act like a guest who has overstayed their welcome. The storm is going to back up toward us a bit. It's not much of a storm, the white on this water vapor image shows moisture, not necessarily clouds, but as the spokes of moisture circulate around the center of low pressure we'll see intermittent bouts of clouds, showers, and perhaps a thunderstorm for the next couple of days.

Today and tomorrow are shaping up to be carbon copies of each other. Cloudy, with a good chance of showers both days. The chance of showers will be greatest in the afternoons, as the moisture needs the oomph of daytime heating for convection to start. The rain's not likely to amount to much, but it's probably a good idea to carry an umbrella with you through Tuesday. Highs both days will be around 80.

The likelihood of rain diminishes on Wednesday, when the Weather Service thinks an upper-level disturbance will help push the storm out to sea for good. Assuming that happens, the remainder of the week and next weekend look pretty uneventful, with seasonable temperatures and mostly clear skies in store.

Water vapor satellite image from the National Weather Service.