Some subway news to end the week: The Post reports that with the taxi fare hike, more people are riding the subway, based on some ridership numbers. The TLC thinks the dip is "seasonal," since more taxi-loving people are out of town. Gothamist agrees that could be it, but, really, sometimes the subway is the fastest way to get to the other place - unless it's weekend service. And it seems like subways are the new way for R&B sensations to "keep it real," as the kids call it: The Daily News gossips made fun of Usher for not knowing that MetroCards are not called "tickets" and not knowing they cost $2 while trying to impress a lady. Yeah! Then Cathy from lost and frowned asked us if we had seen the new crazy person on the F train, "...on the morning rush on the F.... she comes in and starts with:' If you are under 16, I am crazy and don't listen to me.' Then goes on the point out that the CIA killed JFK Jr...She looks like a nice church lady, clean, no bags of waded up newspapers with her or anything..." We haven't yet, but we did see an extremely inebriated man talking to himself, but those are a dime a dozen. And Gothamist hopes that reports saying MTA's deficit might not be as bad as thought is true - maybe we can avoid another MetroCard fare hike. In the mean time, we'll ride on.