2006_01_belvederethecat.jpgWe enjoyed last Sunday's "The Hunt" column in the NY TImes about Cragslists once again bringing roommates together. And we loved the photograph of one roommate's cat, Belvedere (right). Then we started to realize that we see lots of cats in "The Hunt" - as well as other pets, but mostly cats. A few felines we found Jorge the cat (and his owner James) in Greenpoint, Gabriel the cat (and owner Martha) on the Upper West Side, kitties Pia and Lola, cats Elvis and Louie in Battery Park City, and an update about Boris the cat!!! Yes, there's a family with a dog here or a pet parrot there, maybe even a baby, but cats seem most photo friendly as owners can usually hold them.

You can see the range of pet-accessories in the archive of The Hunt columns.