2007_01_bxfirefight.jpgA fire that raged through a Bronx building and claimed a 2-year-old's life was actually arson. Amanda Adgivon had been sleeping yesterday morning when her downstairs neighbor, Sharon Scott, decided to set her boyfriend on fire. Scott poured nail-polish remover on the bed and lit it while James Hicks was sleeping. Hicks woke up and was able to leave the apartment with Scott, but the fire shot towards the ceiling and the Adgivon apartment.

Komi Adgivon managed to rescue his daughter from their home, but firefighters found them in the hall, with Amanda dead. Scott had celebrated her birthday Tuesday night, but had gotten into a fight with Hicks later in the evening; she had been arrested for stabbing him last year. Amanda's mother, who had left for work before the fire started, said, "My child had to pay for that?"

Hicks told the Post, "All I saw were flames on my bed. It was on fire. I tried to get some water to put the fire out, but it was too smoky. So I got Sharon out." Scott was charged with second-degree murder.