2006_09_golancipel.jpgJust as New York magazine published its big gay excerpt of former NJ governor James McGreevey's book today, Golan Cipel (pictured), the aide who McGreevey claimed to have an affair with while in office, says he never had an affair with McGreevey and that he (Cipel) is not gay. Back in 2004 when McGreevey stepped down, it was rumored that Cipel had been blackmailing McGreevey to keep quiet about the affair. In older interviews, Cipel said that McGreevey had been harrassing him, and in today's Times article, McGreevey apparently tried to get Cipel drunk with Jagermeister.

Anyway, take a gander at this bit from the McGreevey book, via New York:

Golan couldn’t stand the pressure. His calls to me became frantic. For him, I think, being known as gay would have been worse than death. The idea of people digging through his personal life paralyzed him with fear.

Of course, I have to admit that there’s a chance Golan isn’t gay. I have thought about this often. Though he claimed he’d never had sex with a man before, I didn’t believe him. Since our secret became public, he has denied having a homosexual identity. I don’t believe that. But it’s possible that our shared attraction did tempt him to cross the aisle, just as my love for my first wife, Kari, and later for Dina had carried me into heterosexual romance. Still, he never expressed any conflict or regret about our time together.

McGreevey has covered almost all bases, with that "I have to admit that there’s a chance Golan isn’t gay" bit. We have to wonder if Governor Jon Corzine planned his appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night knowing when the McGreevey book would be released this week, because this whole incident just makes people depressed about the state of politics in NJ.