2007_05_weddinglicense.jpgAnyone who has had to wait on line at any state or city agency will love this story. A couple went to the Bronx Supreme Court yesterday because they waned to get a marriage license. Jonathan Figueroa and Marjorie Lumbano waited on line for an hour and made it to the front by 3PM, well before the 4PM closing time. Only they were turned away because the workers were having a retirement party for a colleague. The Post got involved:

In vain, [the couple] tried knocking on other offices in the courthouse - until a court officer finally told them to seek help in the press room.

"I just want my marriage license," lamented the groom, who had been given an ultimatum by his religious girlfriend, whom he's been dating for three years.

When the door to the license bureau was opened to reporters, helium balloons, red roses, and a good-luck cake were on display.

A clerk unabashedly said the public office was closed an hour early to bid a retiring worker farewell. Asked if it was fair, the clerk, who refused to identify herself said, "Yes. If this lady is leaving, we won't see her no more in life."

Now the Post reports that the early closing will be investigated, since the office was closed without permission: "Although it was done with possibly good intentions, the matter will be investigated and handled internally." We have to hand it to the court officer who told the couple to go to the press room for help - this story is a gold mine. For instance, Figueroa and Lumbano "met in a Bronx box-making factory - and fell so hard in love that they were eventually fired for being unproductive."

As for the couple's marriage plans, the marriage license bureau was reopened for them, but the clerk said that Figueroa's ID was fake. (The clerk had also said to the Post, "I suggest if he comes back, he take his business down to Manhattan.") We hope the Post follows up with their story - maybe even include them in the wedding write-ups.

And if you need a marriage license in NYC, here's the Office of the City Clerk's marriage license website.