A wise man once said, "Don't get mad—get even." This was certainly the tactic employed by Staten Island resident Omar Duran, who was arrested yesterday for planting a series of fake bombs around the borough over the past two weeks in attempt to frame the man who married a woman Duran was in love with.

It didn't take long for police to unearth the motivation for 54-year-old Duran's alleged antics: His 32-year-old neighbor, with whom Duran had reportedly become so obsessed that he was determined to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend—and as of Saturday, husband—that he planted at least three crudely built inert "bombs" in various locations, in a misguided attempt to break up the relationship.

According to the Staten Island Advance, Duran had spent years attempting to have his neighbor's boyfriend deported. Failing that, he resorted to planting at least three "bombs" around the borough, accompanied by notes offering the name and address of the Other Man. How exactly the ploy was intended to jettison the man from his neighbor's life is unclear.

His neighbor, however, may not have been the object of Duran's affections as much as her 10-year-old daughter, to whom he saw himself as a father figure.

"I guess he thought of her as his own daughter or whatever, and he was jealous of the new guy. He's even got the kid on a screen saver," a source told the Advance. "He tried talking to the pastor about breaking them up. He tried INS for three years.... This whole thing is based on frustration."

Police traced the license plate of a car seen by a security camera to be leaving the scene of one of the "bomb"-placing incidents, which was also seen cruising in the vicinity of near where the woman and her husband live, DNAinfo reports.

Duran was arrested on Wednesday at his job as a custodian in a Manhattan office building. He is charged with placing a false bomb, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.