A Brooklyn couple is producing the latest novelty t-shirt, which reads in vintage Dodgers font: Brooklyn Jews. Carrie McLaren designed the shirts for her husband Charles Star and their son, but when it garnered enough attention during their outings in the borough, it turned into a little side business.

Star (who asks you "ignore how tight the shirt is across my midsection in the Daily News photo) told the paper, "We chose the Dodgers logo for a reason. Posing it as a sports franchise was a way of being funny, but we also live just a few blocks from [the old] Ebbets Field." Even assemblyman Dov Hikind, an Orthodox Jew, said he might get one, saying: "It's just like supporting your home team."

In less lovey-dovey Brooklyn Jew news, Miss Heather spotted this hate-fueled sticker in Greenpoint, and asks that anyone who spots one destroy it immediately.