Donald Rumsfeld has been all over the media to plug his new book, and yesterday he surfaced on the Opie & Anthony Show, where comedian Louis CK happened to be a guest. Over the protestations of the sycophantic hosts, Louis repeatedly pressed the former Defense Secretary on whether he's a flesh-eating lizard person. It starts around the 2:30 mark:

Rumsfeld dodges the question with some folksy anecdote about visiting NYC and everyone wanting to shake his hand and get his autograph and pay for his dinner. Louis questions Rumsfeld on the lizard rumor again and again, but Rumsfeld refused to answer the question, later explaining that he "did not just arrive in town falling off a turnip cart." Louis also asks about "what that day was like when you met Saddam Hussein and shook his hand." Rumsfeld explains about the unsavory necessity of befriending your friend's enemy, and then Louis is back on the lizard beat.

Rumself finally begs off with the excuse that his grandchildren are listening (to Opie & Anthony?!), to which Louis replies, "They have a right to know." And when the interview finally ends, Opie says Rumsfeld handled Louis's questions "like a gentlemen and a professional," to which Louis points out, "He handled it like a lizard who knows how to never answer." Rumsfeld also appeared on The Daily Show this week, and it looks like Jon Stewart just didn't have the stones to ask the hard-hitting questions:

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[Splitsider via Wonkette]