NY State kids did terribly on the Common Core tests, the new national standardized tests, and parents, teachers and, obviously, the children, are very upset, with many blasting Governor Cuomo and his state education officials for how they handled rollout. By far the most vocal critic yesterday was Louis C.K., who vented through a series of tweets that began, "My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!"

Louis C.K., Upper West Side resident, has two elementary-school aged kids. While the tests are only administered for third- to eighth-graders, many school curriculums have been changing to accommodate kids to be ready for Common Core—algebraic thinking for kindergarteners, essays asking if Jews are evil, canceling five-year-olds' end-of-year recitals—which will, ideally, help raise education levels nationally (versus various states picking and choosing). Still, the comedian fumed:

He did proclaim his love of the Department of Education:

And ended on a positive note of shameless self-promotion: