This week's NY Times Real Estate cover story is about "accidental sellers"—people whose "life has gotten in the way — in the form of a job upheaval, imminent offspring, holy matrimony or the dissolution thereof." There are various anecdotes (like the couple who hasn't sold their Brooklyn place and are now in Switzerland where cost of living is really expensive), and the one that caught our eye was the dilemma of artist-art professors Elizabeth Demaray and Hugo Bastidas: They are expecting a baby next month and, if their two-bedroom condo at 116th and Lenox Avenue doesn't sell, they have outfitted the walk-in closet as a nursery. Why? Because Bastidas uses one of the bedrooms as a studio: "The 1,200-square-foot space is not big enough for the couple, his canvases, a baby and an exceptionally vocal Bengal cat that must be sequestered in its own bedroom at night if the humans are to sleep." Demaray says, "If we wind up staying, we’re going to have to find a studio space for both of us, probably somewhere toward Lower Manhattan or possibly Jersey City. But the cat won’t work in the closet." See the couple and their cat in this picture—looks like Bastidas is practicing his baby carry with the cat!