The 18-year-old deli clerk who allegedly tried to steal a retired man's winning lotto ticket says it was all a mistake, and they really did "miraculously" find the "lost" ticket right as State Police showed up to the deli. He told investigators that it was just an accident, and his brother backed him up, saying, "He was tired and threw out the ticket by accident, The guy came back and they looked for the ticket in the trash and couldn't find it. Then, the cops came and they found it." It was just that coincidental!

The clerk, Salem Al Saidi, was working when 72-year-old Milledge McCassell came in and scanned a lotto ticket on August 26th, hoping to find a winning ticket. The scanner machine flashed "Big Winner!" across the screen, and McCassell handed over his ticket to see how much he won. But Al Saidi allegedly told him he didn't have a winning ticket, and refused to hand it back. When McCassell came back with police, the ticket reappeared, and McCassell was able to claim his $8.7 million lump sum payment.

Upon hearing of the scam, frequenters of Dynasty Deli say they will be taking their business elsewhere. The deli has had their license to sell lottery tickets revoked, but one local said, "I feel like they were cheating people. Even if they get Lotto back I'll never play here again."