bonnie_01.jpg Gothamist loves it when the National Weather Service gives us a snappy headline in their forecast discussion. The things to ponder haven't changed in several days. A cold front has stalled to our west and the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie are getting closer. Interestingly, the AccuWeather forecast differs greatly from the Weather Service forecast.

Does anyone remember all the rain we got from Hurricane Floyd in 1999? One reason we got all that rain is because Floyd ran into a stalled cold front to our west. Bonnie's remains, the leading edge of which are in Northern Virginia, aren't nearly as powerful but the potential exists for heavy rains, gusty winds, flash flooding, thunderstorms, and possibly tornadoes. After Bonnie passes through we will may have to contend with the more powerful Charley on Sunday.

A severe storm on the eve of last year's power outage is a good reminder to make sure you are ready should the power go out. Gothamist lived in Nyack when Floyd hit and the electricity was down for a longer time then than it was at our Harlem home in last summer's blackout. The NYC Office of Emergency Management has sage advice on how to prepare for the storm. Among the good ideas: make extra ice (Gothamist uses several plastic milk jugs) so that the food in your freezer and refrigerator doesn't thaw as quickly; bring loose objects such as lawn furniture and garbage cans inside; and, as we sadly learned earlier this week, do not drive in standing water.

The Los Angeles forecast is a bit easier. In fact it hasn't changed in the past week. Tomorrow should have "low clouds and fog in the morning...otherwise mostly sunny. Highs near 70 at the beaches to the mid 80s inland." Congratulations Jake!