Some "hidden rich people" were recently profiled by the New York Post, and now we regret not considering a different career path. A limo driver, for instance, makes $250,000 a year/up to $20,000 a day driving around celebrities. A personal trainer pulls in $300 an hour and between $200,000 and $250,000 a year, and Soho dog walker Eddie Bimonte earns about $4,000 a month, $230 a day. "My job is to make sure they pee and poop," he explains. "I love it when they poop!"

But most impressive is the "mixologist" at Employees Only, who says he makes up to $800 a night bartending. Dushan Zaric says it's easy, you just "have to be the rock star who flirts with the girls, keeping them there as bait." Of course, the "dashing" Zaric is also co-owner of Employees Only and Macao Trading Co. and earns about $200,000 a year, so he's probably his own best bait.