Though you may like to believe that playing the lottery will always be an honest and upstanding addiction, the state Lottery Division says they've had to revoke the lottery licenses of quite a few stores over the past few years, 12 of which have been in the city. Dynasty Deli in Queens is the latest to be accused of a lotto rip off, but before that there was S&M Deli & Grocery on 7th Avenue. Though with a name like S&M, who could possibly suspect them of being shady?

Back in 2009 a worker at S&M allegedly swapped a customer's winning Win 4 ticket with a non-winning ticket. The worker's relative was then caught trying to claim the $5,000 prize, so the police showed up and arrested the store's manager. Manager Ammar Alsaidi said they picked up the ticket outside after the customer dropped it, and yes they did try to cash in but no they had absolutely no intention of keeping the money. "You have the nerve to say that we stole the ticket," he said. "We never let anyone down."

So, how to avoid the scam? Lottery spokeswoman Jennifer Givner says to sign your tickets and use the DIY ticket scanners instead of giving your ticket to a clerk. You'll get to both hold onto your ticket and render humans just that much more unnecessary with one go!