Let's talk rainfall today. When I posted an earlier version of the above graph we had just been through one of the driest Aprils on record, and precipitation for the year was five inches below normal. One month and 14.49 inches of rain later, 2013 is now wetter than 2011, the second wettest year on record. Had the 31 days between May 8th and June 7th been a calendar month it would have been the fourth wettest month ever observed in Central Park.

With a stationary front positioned just south of the city we are likely to see those rainfall totals rise by another inch or two the next couple of days. Showers and thunderstorms are unavoidable today and tonight. Thick cloud cover, rain, and an easterly wind will hold today's temperature to near 70 degrees. A flash flood watch is in effect through noon on Tuesday.

Warmer weather arrives as the front slowly moves northward. Look for tomorrow's high to be near 80 and Wednesday to warm up into the lower 80s. The sun is expected to return for a bit on Wednesday, but those clear skies will be shut down pretty quickly as another storm approaches from the Midwest. That storm is expected to pass far enough south that we just get brushed by rain on Thursday. Dry weather is currently expected for Father's Day weekend.