Yesterday we reported that looters hit a Brookstone (WHY GOD?) at the South Street Seaport, but that was small potatoes compared with the action in the outer boroughs. Over a dozen people have been arrested for looting in hurricane-hammered Far Rockaway, Queens; according to the Queens DA, the suspects hit a liquor store, clothing stores and a Radio Shack. Looting was also reported on Coney Island, where one witness tells the Daily News, "People were running in and out of Rent-A-Center carrying these big flat screens. They were holding on tight. I couldn't understand how someone could steal a big TV in broad daylight, but no one cared."

Another looter, who identified himself as Jesse James, spoke with a News reporter while holding a stolen TV from Rent-A-Center. "Look, they've been looting our wallets for too long," Jesse James—that even is his real name—explained. "It's about time we start taking this shit back." Most of the looting on Coney Island took place early Tuesday as the flood waters began to recede, with a Rite-Aid relieved of its diapers and a Mega Aid Pharmacy emptied out of pharmaceuticals. "The water went away and these people started walking down the streets and just robbed stores," one pharmacy employee tells Huffington Post.

"It was complete lawlessness,” said Ron Troyano, owner of Joann’s Discount Wine and Liquors on Mermaid Avenue, tells the News. Police seemed to restore order in the afternoon, but Troyano says that while two cops were stationed out front, more looters "broke right in through the roof while the cops were standing outside. It's unbelievable. They were passing bottles down to each other from the roof."