Some follow-up about the story that riveted a city yesterday afternoon: The cow that escaped a Queens halal slaughterhouse is doing fine, seems to be headed upstate to a sanctuary, and has been given the name Molly. But one barber who witnessed the heifer's break for freedom—and the cops chasing her— told the Daily News, "It was bugging. I was worried. I'm not used to seeing stuff like that." Another witness told the Post that the cops said they chased Molly for ten blocks before managing to catch her in a yard. Naturally, the tabloids have the great quotes from residents and workers in the South Jamaica neighborhood:

  • "I was chilling in the yard when a cow came out of nowhere. I just said, 'Wow! a cow in South Jamaica.' I've seen raccoons and stuff, but never a cow. That was crazy." (Post)
  • "I ran in the house carrying garbage," he said. "I'm not scared, but it's a wild cow coming in my yard. It's not the kind of thing you see in South Jamaica." (Daily News)
  • "I heard a lady scream. Then I saw a baby cow. It got startled and ran down my block. Then it ran into my friend's yard." (Post)
  • "I saw this cow running up the street with the police chasing him. I knew the police would eventually win, but he had good spunk." (Daily News)
  • "I wasn't surprised at all. In my home country [Guyana], we are used to it. My father was a butcher." (Post)

The Post also has video on the cow on the lam—best part might be the person yelling to the cow to "stay"!

Animal Care and Control spokesman Richard Gentles told the NY Times that Molly the cow seemed to be doing fine after her exercise through the streets of Queens. The agency has also contacted sanctuaries (many escaped farm animals in NYC head to sanctuaries) and added, "We want her to live. We want her to live out her life, absolutely."