Looks Like We're In For Nasty Weather

A summer storm in 2012 that may approximate Rockaway's current mood.
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A summer storm in 2012 that may approximate Rockaway's current mood. Stefan Georgi/flickr

Welcome to the Thunderdome, friend: New York is about to experience an "extended period of severe weather and excessive rainfall," according to a warning from the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo and also the weather widget on my phone, which is just a scroll of lightning bolt icons forever. After allowing us a brief respite from hail and heavy rains, The Weather is coming back for more.

What kind of apocalyptic monsoon are we looking at this time? The governor's office warns of "heavy downpours and thunderstorms," especially in the central and southern portion of the state, until Wednesday at least. All the rain could translate to flash floods and washed out roadways, making travel a particularly precarious proposition, especially north of the city. The National Weather Service has issued a rip current warning for all Atlantic ocean beaches in New York.

CBS News reports that a tropical storm is battling its way up the East Coast, from North Carolina toward New York. This bullying weather system has been hunkered over Pennsylvania, pummeling the state with heavy rains. Here's a taste of what's to come:

Heavy thunderstorms are predicted off and on throughout the day on Wednesday, but unfortunately we will continue to toil in the heat and humidity into forever, despite torrential downpours. According to the Weather Channel, Sunday is the only thunderstorm-less day in the coming week and a half, so plan accordingly. But don't worry, you can always cool off in a refreshing subway waterfall.

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