2007_01_arts_mondays.jpgIt's freezing, it's Monday...and today is the most depressing day of the year. Happy Blue Monday, everyone!

Today was designated the most depressing of the year by psychologist Cliff Arnall, who used mathematical equations to reach this outcome, working out that people are most likely to be down n' out in the final full week of January (the last few years it has been January 24th).

Not depressed enough? The Belfast Telegraph will give you about seven new reasons to be (just in their opening paragraphs, alone): "Bad weather, credit card bills and the failure to keep up those good resolutions...The weather is bad, the nights are still long and your Christmas overspending has finally caught up with you...Less contented with our body image."

Of course, all Mondays are somewhat depressing, as explained in the same article: "Our bodies work on a 25-hour clock so that - by the time we get to the weekend - we stay up later. That makes it difficult for us to go to sleep on Sunday and we wake up grumpy." To counteract that, we offer you a remix of New Order's "Blue Monday" (which some are being urged to download today). This version is short, and not very good - but what do you expect on the worst day of the year?

Blue Monday.mp3 - New Order

Okay, to cheer you up here's a clip of Ghostland Observatory singing "Sad, Sad City".